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To offer the most innovative product solutions and highest standards of Prototyping, Manufacturing, and Social Entrepreneurship.
We are dedicated to do the right thing, with the right people, in the right place, at the right time.
We want to be among the best outsource servicing companies, providing our clients with product development, engineering, and offshore manufacturing. Increasingly, when people think about developing a new product in the Global Market, they think of CGC-Engineering P LTD. Our customers are extremely satisfied as we succeed in helping their dreams become a reality by providing the key solutions and services for their company.
Our goal is to work carefully towards excellence in all our operations. Excellence will be the standard by which we are judged. Our Corporate Values are not just a sign on the wall; great care is taken to ensure that our values are modeled from the company leadership all the way down to the factory floor.
CGCE Quality Policy
We do not need the government to tell us how to do business in a responsible way. Governed by CGCE Standards we automatically abide by the following quality norms in our organization. 
  • ISO 9000 related to Design, Development and Manufacturing environment.
  • ISO 9001 related to our manufacturing environment.
  • Quality plans and reports for all products and services.
Internships and Career Opportunities
Performance Coaching is what we as a learning organization have as a mandatory rule for personal development. If you cannot lead your colleague to the next level of performance, how will you lead the organization to growth? In the global market we see the need for a cross cultural approach of internships, preparing the next generation better for the future. Enquire...

Our Valuable Customers
-Veeneman BV (The Netherlands)
-Sindbad Nautica S.L. (Spain)
-Yamazaki Mazak India Pvt. Ltd.
-Petromar Engineered Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
-Newthex BV (The Netherlands)
-Vacu Vin BV (The Netherlands)
-Essel Shyam Communications Ltd.
-White Bird International BV (The Netherlands)
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