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Kshitij Zende
Kshitij is the Indian counterpart in pioneering CGCE P LTD India from the start. As a director he is serving the company as an
incredibly talented manager. Having a background in Mechanical Engineering enables him to lead with technical competence. Interpersonal skills have helped in creating the inroads into the Indian society making exporting possible. His dream is a corruption free India, being a blessing to surrounding nations. He is happily married to his wife, Shradha, and has two children.
Core Strengths:
Implementing new knowledge and skills, building trust, decision maker, hard working, respect for the individual.
  • Phone: +91 9823230670
  • Email:
Daniel Eichelberger
Daniel has been involved with CGCE since 2006. He has grown in the past years and is now one of  the Directors of CGC-Engineering. He is eager to learn,
and his experience and skill continue to grow. His vision is to be a competent managing director of his own GC-company in the future.